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Athletic Policy - Unaccompanied Minors

Lemoore High to limit unattended kids at athletic events

Lemoore High School administration will continue its policy limiting access to unattended non-high school students and other children at all high school athletic events without the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Students not of high school age or High School students that do not have proper identification will not be allowed into Lemoore High School athletic contests unless accompanied by a parent or adult. High school age students with proper identification will continue to be granted access to LHS contests. For example, parents or guardians of non-high school kids may not “drop off” their child at an LHS athletic contest and leave that child unattended. The parent of guardian must purchase admission and accompany his or her child – who does not attend high school - into the game.

Lemoore High School is located at 101 E. Bush Street in Lemoore. The policy applies to all venues at Lemoore High School: stadium, event center, baseball, pool etc.

The new policy begins with the first athletic contest of the year.

The policy is designed to improve the safety of all students at LHS games and ensure that all spectators enjoy the contests. It’s important that such students are supervised by their guardians or parents.