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Interdistrict Transfer

Interdistrict Transfer

The above application for an Interdistrict Transfer Request must be printed out and submitted in person to the District Office at 5 Powell Ave., Lemoore, CA

 LUHSD accepts Interdistrict Transfer requests beginning February 1st for the following school year and all throughout the year for the current school year.

Interdistrict transfers may be approved for the following reasons:

  1. Student has a sibling attending our District;
  2. Parent works within the District requested;
  3. A divorced parent lives within the District requested;
  4. Parent provides written evidence that the family will be moving into our district in the immediate future
  5. When recommended by the school attendance review board (SARB) or by county child welfare, probation, or social services agency staff in documented cases of serious home or community problems which make it inadvisable for the student to attend the school of residence;
  6. The child has been bullied at current school (Documentation from school of attendance must be able to verify that the child has been bullied);

Definition of bullying: any severe or pervasive physical or verbal acts or conduct, including communications made in writing or by means of an electronic act, and including one or more acts committed by a pupil or groups of pupils or directed toward one or more pupils that has or can be reasonably predicted to have the effect of one or more of the following:

  1. Placing a reasonable pupil or pupils in fear of harm to that pupil or those pupils’ person or property
  2. Causing a reasonable pupil to experience a substantially detrimental effect on his or her physical or mental health
  3. Causing a reasonable pupil to experience substantial interference with his or her academic performance
  4. Causing a reasonable pupil to experience substantial interference with his or her ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privilege provided by a school.
  5. Our school offers a specific program or course offering that the child’s current school/district does not offer (Child must enroll and participate in our program/course to be approved);
  6. To meet the student’s special mental or physical health needs as certified by a physician, school psychologist, or other appropriate school personnel
  7. To provide a change in school environment for reasons of personal and social adjustment

Interdistrict Transfers may be denied for the following reasons:

  1. The transfer requires our district to create a new program to serve the student, except that our district shall not reject the transfer of a student with disabilities or an English learner
  2. The student has been recommended for expulsion or is currently under an expulsion order
  3. The attendance of the student in our district will increase our district’s class size above the maximums established by the State of California or above the maximums provided for in our district’s Collective Bargaining agreement
  4. The student or parent/guardian has falsely claimed residence in our school district for the purpose of school attendance in our district
  5. The student has not demonstrated appropriate behavior at his/her previous school as determined by the Superintendent or designee
  6. The student has not demonstrated good attendance practices, including arriving to school on time
  7. Our school facilities are overcrowded at the relevant grade level
  8. Other considerations that are not arbitrary.

Parents/Guardians will be notified within 30 days of when the request is provided to our district of our final decision when the request is for the current year.  For requests for a future year, parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible upon receiving our district receiving the request, but no later than 14 calendar days after the beginning of instruction in the school year for which the interdistrict transfer is requested.

The Superintendent must notify the parents/guardians of a student who is denied interdistrict attendance within 30 days of the process to appeal to the Kings County Board of Education.  Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled, may not appeal the interdistrict attendance denial or decisions while expulsion proceedings are pending or during the term of the expulsion.

Parent/Guardians have the right to appeal our district’s decision to the Kings County Office of Education within 30 calendar days of the date of our district’s final denial.

Interdistrict transfers may be revoked or rescinded for the following reasons:

  1. The student has received a major discipline referral resulting in out of school suspension
  2. The student becomes a truant (less than 90 % attendance)
  3. The student does not maintain a 3.0 grade point average

Our District may not revoke an Interdistrict transfer permit for students in grades 11 or 12, or any time after June 30th following the completion of grade 10.

Please note: A parent’s/guardian’s failure to meet any established timelines by our District is deemed to be an abandonment of the request for an interdistrict transfer.