• Clubs and Organizations

    Lemoore High School is rich in a tradition of many clubs serving a variety of interests for many students. This rich tradition is due to the generosity and sacrifice of advisors.

    Complete list of Clubs and Organizations

    Purpose of Student Organizations

    Student organizations at Lemoore High exist to organize common student needs and/or interests. Like all democratic, corporate entities, it is important to keep in mind:

    1. Student organizations belong to the STUDENTS who are members of that organization,

    2. Members of the organization have a voice in the use of assets of the organization, and,

    3. Members or the organization are entitled to an accounting of the assets and resources of the organization. In some cases, such as with athletic teams, band, and some classroom-type clubs, organizations as such to fulfill the barest legal requirements necessary to fundraise; this does not negate or minimize any portion of this handbook.

    In a school setting, the student organization provides opportunities for students (members) to develop and practice group leadership and cooperation, social poise, individual initiative, and to put the theories of a democratic society into practice. The clubs belong to the students who are members of that club.

    All LHS Organizations necessary elements on file with Activities Advisor :

    -Constitution (purpose and laws that govern the group)
    -Advisor (LHS certificated staff member)
    -Student officers ELECTED by the organization
    -Budget plan to take in and spend money
    -Minutes proving officer elections and budget approval from club members