• Attendance

    Excused Absences

    Authorized Absences

    EXCUSED ABSENCES (AR 5113 (a))
    Students shall attend school daily except for reasons of excused absence. The state law regarding attendance requires that every person under 18 years of age must attend school and must have required verification of absence. A phone call to the Attendance Office and/or note from the parents or guardian is necessary when a student is absent. Students who fail to provide verification within one (1) day after returning to school will be disciplined. Students who are no longer subject to compulsory education (emancipated minors and students 18 years old and older) are expected to provide appropriate verification of absences upon request. Failure to provide requested verification will result in the student being considered truant. Absences deemed "excused" may still count against the 90% Attendance Policy for Graduation (see below).

    EC 48216 states that an absence may be excused if the absence is due to one of the following six reasons:

    1. Illness

    2. Quarantine

    3. Doctor or dentist appointment

    4. Death in the immediate family

    5. For the purpose of serving jury duty

    6. Due to exclusion from school pursuant to Section 3381 of the Health and Safety Code

    7. Religious Event

    EC 48205: A pupil shall be excused from school for justifiable personal reasons when the pupil's absence has been requested in writing by the parent or guardian and approved in advance of the absence by the principal or a designated representative. No punishment will be administered and students may make up work. If a student is absent for any reason except those stated above, his/her absence is considered unexcused. Absences deemed "authorized" may still count against the 90% Attendance Policy for Graduation (see below).

    ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES (BP 5113a, 5113b, and/or 5113c)
    Verification of an absence is to be made by telephone or note from the parent or guardian indicating the reason for the absence. A telephone call is preferred as soon as possible. If a parent or guardian cannot call, the student should bring a note the day he/she returns to school before school starts. Student attendance will be mailed home on a weekly basis for parent verification.

    Upon returning to school, students who fail to clear absences(s) within one (1) day are subject to the truancy policy (see Discipline Policies), even if the absence is cleared later. The student is still expected to clear the absence, preferably by note (phone calls at this point are difficult to trace back to the records involved).

    Any of the following persons may verify an absence due to illness or quarantine (Title 5 California Code of Regulations): A school or public health nurse, an attendance supervisor, a physician, a principal, a teacher, or any other qualified employee of a District or of a County Superintendent of Schools assigned to make such verification.

    Attendance Policy for Graduation (90% Rule)
    LHS and LMCHS will send home to parents, on a regular basis, reports regarding the attendance of their student, so that parents can accurately monitor both the attendance of their student and the accuracy of the attendance records in the office. When students have accumulated excessive absences, parents will also be sent a letter to remind them of the 90% Attendance Policy and the consequences of continued absences. In event a student falls below 90% attendance, the parents will be advised by a registered letter.

    To participate in the LHS and LMCHS commencement ceremonies, a student must have maintained 90% attendance each year while enrolled in the Lemoore Union High School District. (A student cannot miss more than 18 equivalent days per year. In cases where the student has fewer than seven periods each day, a modified calculation can be requested from the Principal or Assistant Principal that is consistent with the 90% expectation).

    1. Absences not counted against the 90% expectation (exceptions):

    Illness verified with a doctor's or other professional health care provider's note within ten (10) school days after returning to school from the absence. (If the illness is of a long-term nature, a doctor's excuse must be renewed each grading period, or upon administration request.)

    Quarantine directed by a county or city health officer (note required).

    Subpoena/Jury Duty (copy of subpoena or summons required)

    Attending funeral service of a member of the pupil's immediate family (parents, grandparents, siblings).

    One (1) day in California.

    Three (3) days out of state (if more than three days are required, arrangements must be made in advance with the Principal or Assistant Principal).

    School activity absences.

    B.  Make-up of Absences:

    Summer School attendance will be utilized for make-up for less than the 90% attendance in the immediate previous year of enrollment. Students who choose not to exercise this option forfeit eligibility for participation in the commencement ceremony their senior year. If the student has exceeded 176 periods of absences during the year, Makeup of Absences will not be possible.


    Students must not leave school at any time during the day without personally signing out through the Attendance Office or school nurse. Students leaving campus at lunch for illness, appointments, etc., are still required to sign out through the attendance offic

    Students who need to leave campus early are required to bring a note or to have the parent/guardian call the office. THE NOTE MUST CONTAIN THE EXACT
    DATE, TIME, AND REASON FOR LEAVING. The note must be presented to the Attendance Office before school, at brunch, or lunch and an Off-Campus Pass will be issued. Students leaving campus or arriving back on campus with an Off-Campus Pass are expected to sign-out and sign-in if they return the same day. Students who fail to sign in at the Attendance Office when returning to campus or who fail to check out when leaving school early will receive a referral.

    A student who does not obtain permission from his/her teacher or the administration prior to missing his/her regularly scheduled class in order to participate in another class or activity will be given a Cut.

    Student absences may be considered Cuts when students do not comply with attendance regulations and procedures. * NOTE: Chronic absenteeism and/or chronic failure to follow the above procedures will result in a mandatory parent conference; students will be referred to School and Resource Board (SARB).

    The Law: Each person between the ages of 6 and 18 years…shall attend…school for the full time designated as the length of the school day…and each parent, guardian, or other person, having control or charge of the pupil shall send the pupil to school EC 48200