• Student Assistance Programs

    Not all students function equally in a high school setting. Whenever students are having difficulties in school, for whatever reason, unless the causes are resolved, the difficulties are likely to increase. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff are encouraged to be aware of students having difficulty and refer them (or you) to the counselor. The counselor will initiate the Student Assistance Program for each referred student, which will hopefully lead to a more successful high school caree

    Parents may request a meeting with the counselor by calling their child's school of attendance. Please click on the schools link above for more information.

    Parents may leave messages on the Voice Mail system for teachers, counselors, and administrators. E-mail addresses are available on the District Web Page.

    Parents may inquire about attendance data and information on their student by calling their childs school of attendance.

    Parents may request discipline reports regarding their student from the counselor or attendance office.

    Parents may visit their student’s classes, by arrangement; see the Office Receptionist.

    Parents may talk with the Deputy Probation Officer, the Youth Development Officer (Lemoore Police Department), or the Social Worker assigned to their child's campus, by calling for an appointment.

    Parents may visit the school nurse to discuss health related matters regarding their student.

    Parents may visit the Lemoore High School Career Center or the West Hills College Career/Transfer Center for Lemoore Middle College High School for help with career vocational information, information about colleges and universities, and more.

    Parent Portal (ABI) is an on-line program that allows parents to view assignment, grade, attendance, discipline, and other school data on their student via the internet. Parent Nights, offer much information about each of the above; a schedule of the Parent Nights can be viewed each school's website.

    College Preparation, including applications procedures, SAT and ACT details and deadlines, and general financial aide and scholarship information, and how to review the student transcript.

    Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshops…hands-on workshop for parents and students.