Chromebook Insurance


    For $50 a year you can insure the Chromebook and charging block/cable loaned to your student for the school year. Please consider the value of this purchase because damage done to the school-loaned device under your care is your responsibility.

    Your $50 insurance payment will cover damages that occur during regular use and most accidental damages to the items listed above. **Important: Students should report any problems to the office immediately to help guarantee coverage.

    If any item is stolen, a police report must be done before we could consider waiving any costs for you.

    If any item is lost or destroyed due to negligence or carelessness, we will review the circumstances, but in most of these situations the parent/student will be responsible for all repair or replacement costs.

    As careful and responsible as most of our students are, accidents do happen at school and at home. Spending the $50 for insurance has turned out to be a great idea and relief for many.

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