• Lemoore Middle College High School (LMCHS) is currently in its thirteenth year of operation and is serving approximately 240 students for the 2020/2021 school year.  The WASC self-study completed last school year brought about changes with an increase in student activities and a renewed increase in school spirit.  In assisting students to continually increase performance, LMCHS’s full-time special education teacher has had significant impact on the performance of students with special needs. The implementation process of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) brought about Tier I implementation with increased time for students that need the assistance of the school nurse and district psychologist. The 1-to-1 iPad initiative was is continuing for all students, while the school-wide AVID program was recognized as a Highly Certified Site.  Co- and Extra-Curricular choices at our school continues each year since the Strings and Robotics programs have demonstrated to be successful. In addition, our students are now collaborating with the college and are participating in intramural sports including flag football, soccer, volleyball and softball. These additions have taken our already highly academic school and created a more student friendly culture. The majority of students expressed in the WASC survey that they enjoy being at LMCHS.

    LMCHS is fully staffed with 22 teachers and support staff to serve our student population. These teachers are leaders in their field with many teachers choosing to come out of retirement for the chance to work with our kids. With all of our teachers hired and on board, we have seen great progress in the project and have been able to experience significant growth in the number of students we can service. The school’s master schedule has allowed teachers to finally have the collaboration time the project intended from its inception. The 1-to-1 program is continuing to grow at LMCHS, and we are continually focusing on how to incorporate more 21st Century Skills into the curriculum. Project-based Learning is being developed and STEM training is being completed.

    Students continue to be involved in learning activities which involve field trips to Universities, museums, etc. As the school has begun to offer more elective course offerings, a focus on individual grade level projects which enhance the experiences of the aforementioned trips, has taken priority. This year allowed for full implementation of grade level projects including, Character Counts and college survival skills with the freshman class, career exploration and planning in the sophomore year, college exploration and the admissions process in the junior year, and the ongoing community service project with our seniors. The implementation of six extended school days, used as “project days,” has allowed students to better understand their path to and through college.  Students will be creating electronic portfolios to document their project day experiences.

    The program is progressing at a high level, while still being recognized by the California Department of Education as a “California Gold Ribbon High School.”  LMCHS was the only high school in Kings County to receive this distinguished award from CDE.  AVID has recognized LMCHS as a Highly Certified Site. West Hills College Lemoore and LMCHS continue to have an excellent working relationship through leadership changes at both sites, which demonstrates the strong culture.  LMCHS’s popularity continues to grow as evidenced by the number of student applications for enrollment into 9th grade. . The school, once again, had an enrollment waitlist this year and will have to hold a lottery for incoming freshman to be accepted. High School teachers are working very hard to offer a challenging curriculum to LMCHS students. We look forward to increased contact with the Project Monitor to share our story and how middle college high schools across the state are succeeding thanks to these funds and the innovation the middle college program allows for.  Interest and enthusiasm by the high school district and the community college district continues to grow and the partnership has been very positive.