• Alternative Programs

    Independent Study

     There are circumstances that arise that make it difficult or impossible for a student to come to school.  When this happens, the student needs to make an appointment with his or her counselor to inquire about Independent Study (IS). The counselor will sit down with the student and listen to the situation and determine what option might be best, whether it is Independent Study, Home Study or another alternative education placement.

    If the counselor feels that the situation warrants a more in-depth look at Independent Study, a request form will be filled out by the student, parent and counselor and a meeting will be set-up.  Student will also be required to take a reading assessment.  If the student is in Special Ed, it must first be specifically recommended in an IEP (Ed Code 56026).

    The space available for Independent Study is limited.  For this reason, we have to keep those slots available for students who demonstrate a strong need for the program. 

    The following is a list of appropriate reasons for requesting Independent Study:

    • Student has childcare issues
    • Work (student must be 16 and show financial need)
    • Long-term medical concern (Doctor’s note should be available)
    • Other compelling circumstances that make Independent Study the only way to remain in school.

    Independent Study will be considered for all applicants, but not all can be approved.  School officials are not required to place any student in IS if they do not feel it is appropriate (Code of Reg.: Title 5-11700).

    If Approved for Independent Study, the student must:

    1.   Meet with registrar to officially drop from the main campus
    2.   Register for IS and sign a contract
    3.   Meet with assigned IS teacher

    The student may appeal a denial to the Assistant Principal for Counseling and Guidance.

    Independent Study in a Nutshell…

    Independent Study is not…

    For students who do not like going to school A “catch-up” program for students who are behind in credits.  For students who have difficulty in reading

    Independent Study is…

    An alternative education program for students who absolutely cannot be in the regular school for a reason deemed acceptable by the school district.

    Expectations and Conditions of the Independent Study Program:

    Students on LUHSD Independent Study:

    • Must follow the discipline code and behavior guidelines of the district
    • Must not be on the school campuses except by appointment or Administrative permission
    • Must not be “hanging out” in the neighborhoods or businesses of the community
    • Return all property of the school
    • Will meet with my assigned teacher as arranged, and will promptly notify the teacher when an appointment cannot be kept
    • Must satisfactorily complete assignments as arranged by the teacher

    Students will be dropped from Independent Study when:

    • They continually fail to follow behavior and discipline expectations
    • They hang out on the campuses, neighborhoods, or businesses after being warned
    • They fail to keep appointments with the teacher
    • They fail to make satisfactory progress in completing assignments

    Independent Study is a “variable credit” system…students earn credit as they work, and can receive less than the total possible for less than complete work.  The regular campus assigns five credits for each semester class passed