• Sober Grad

    WHAT Sober Grad is a safe, alcohol and drug free alternative graduation party for high school seniors the after graduation. 

    Sober Grad is a non-profit organization sponsored by local businesses and organziations and run by volunteer parents and many other valuable community partners.  The event is coordinated through the volunteer efforts of the board of directors and that night, with the help of 100s of community volunteers including law enforcement officers, School District administration/teachers, parents and many other community volunteers.

    WHY Spring and graduation is an exciting time for high school students.  It is also one of the highest risk season for accidents, both drunk driving and otherwise. The Sober Grad Partyis a way for the entire Lemoore community to focus on a project conceived to save the lives of our graduating seniors.  It is a means for every teacher, parent, and community minded person to put energy into our student community.  It is a way to get the word out, "You don't have to drink or do drugs to have a good time!"


    Q:  How much are tickets and how can I get them? A:  Tickets cost $20 in advance and are available from the LHS bookkeeper.  Tickets are also available at the door but go up in price.
    Q:  What is included in the ticket price? A:  Everything!  Tickets allow access to all events, prize drawings and all you can eat food and drinks.
    Q:  Do I need to bring extra cash? A:  No.  Once you are inside the event there is really nothing to spend money on.  All food, drinks, events and entertainment are included in the ticket price.
    Q:  Can I bring a purse or backpack? A:  Sorry, bags of any kind are not allowed for safety reasons. 
    Q:  Can I leave and come back in to the event? A:  Unfortunately not.  If you choose to leave, you will not be allowed to re enter the event.
    Q:  Who is invited? A:  All seniors from Lemoore High School.

    Q:  Where is the event located? A:  In the Lemoore High School Event Center immediately following high school graduation

    Q:  Where do I enter? A:  The entrance is located on the front of the Event Center, adjacent to Lemoore Avenue and the student parking lot.