• Dance Guidelines

    All school rules apply 

    Students who violate these expectations, or otherwise fail to cooperate with the adult chaperones, are subject to being dismissed from the dance, and/or suspension from school, and/or loss of the privilege to attend future dances, and/or sponsoring guests. Those removed from the dance for discipline reasons will not receive a refund. 

    • Students are required to show a photo ID in order to be admitted.

    Students receiving discount price for an ASB Card or Purple Card must show the card when purchasing the ticket, and must show the card again to be admitted. Purple and Gold cards will not be honored without an accompanying ID card. Tickets purchased at the door of a Winter Dance or Prom are not discounted by ASB, Purple, Gold, etc. Purchases at the door must be paid for in cash, in the exact amount.

    • Students are to fully cooperate with adult chaperones.
    • After leaving the dance, there is no returning. Make all arrangements, phone calls, etc., before entering the dance. Students needing to go a vehicle may ask for an escort to/from the vehicle, if an escort is available. Students expecting to be picked up by parents outside the dance will not be allowed to go out and check to see if the ride has arrived, and then return; it is recommended that the parents come to the door of the dance.
    • LHS students who wish to bring a guest to an LHS dance must fill out a Dance Bid Form prior to the dance; the Bid Form must be approved by both an LHS administrator and the guest’s school administrator prior to the dance in order to be valid. The guest must be of high school age (guests younger than high school are not allowed); guests over 20 years of age will not be allowed; proof of age for any out of school guest may be required upon arrival at the dance). LHS students sponsoring guests are responsible for the conduct of the guest.

    Those not allowed to participate in dances

    • Students who were suspended, if the time of the suspension includes the weekend of the dance
    • a three day suspension beginning on Friday and continuing through Monday and Tuesday
    • Students with outstanding school bills on record with the Bookkeeping Office
    • students restricted from activities by the administration, including being academically ineligible (less than a 2.0 GPA during the last grading period)

    Inappropriate conduct at dances:

    • moshing at any time
    • sitting on laps
    • making out
    • groping or fondling another about the buttocks, genital area, or breasts
    • simulated sexual intercourse or other sexual activity
    • rubbing suggestively against a dance partner
    • rubbing or caressing a partner’s midriff area
    • simulating strip-tease
    • sandwich dancing (dancers press full-body, with other dancers ‘sandwiched’ between)
    • freak dancing (as determined by the chaperones)

    Conditions of Admission to Dances

    Students will agree, as a condition of admission to the dance, that, should a chaperone ask them to leave the dance for any of the above reasons, they will leave immediately without protest or appeal. Cell phones will be available at the door to arrange transportation home, but transportation remains the responsibility of the student and the student’s parents/guardians. Warnings and second chances will not be given.

    Students will agree, as a condition of admission, not to pressure the DJ as to the music format (which is the responsibility of the dance committee).

    Students will further agree, as a condition of admission, to submit to breath-a-lyzer or other forms of breath analysis upon request of an administrator any time during the evening.